Adrian van de Nachtigal

Adrian van de Nachtigal
Adrian van de Nachtigal 
AliasesCount de Mercy-Argenteau-d'Ochain
Hair, Black, Parted in Middle, Shoulder-length, Side Tail, Straight
Eyes, Red
Body, Body Piercing, Pale, Slim, Young-adult, Younger Appearance
Clothes, Cravat, Earrings, Hair Tie, Suit, Vest
Personality, Curious, Outgoing, Overconfident, Secretive
Role, Demon, Grandfather, Head of Household, Lonely, Master, Vampire, Wealthy, Younger Brother
Subject of, Amnesia
Visual novelsMain character - Nachtigal


Adrian van de Nachtigal, Count de Mercy-Argenteau-d'Ochain, is a very confident vampire who is in constant search of entertainment. Being the youngest of his second generation siblings, he's used to being doted on. He is intrigued by Miranda, but gets angry when she tries to pry into his secrets... Though he may not always admit it, he is very thankful for Luca's friendship and guidance.

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