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c15066.142019-04-07 at 23:14potterfan434Kusakabe Yuukidoesn't appear in another days :pensivecowboy:
c15066.132018-03-30 at 16:56kei-trKusakabe YuukiImportant trait
c15066.122018-01-15 at 01:51potterfan434Kusakabe Yuukiedit description
c15066.112015-12-31 at 17:06traumatizerKusakabe Yuuki+2
c15066.102015-08-20 at 11:23traumatizerKusakabe Yuukigrammar
c15066.92015-08-20 at 00:22ferustachiKusakabe YuukiCorrection for better grammar.
c15066.82015-07-11 at 11:06traumatizerKusakabe Yuuki+2
c15066.72015-01-21 at 07:07multiKusakabe YuukiRemoving deleted traits.
c15066.62014-08-07 at 07:51ferustachiKusakabe YuukiAdded "Standing"
c15066.52014-07-15 at 17:02ferustachiKusakabe YuukiAdded "Childhood Friend" to "Role" because Takaaki was a close friend of hers in grade school. Added "Virgin Sex" and "Fellatio" to "Sexual" (unsure
c15066.42013-11-11 at 23:28binfujiwaraKusakabe Yuukibreasts size from link
c15066.32013-11-07 at 17:35binfujiwaraKusakabe Yuukiimage
c15066.22013-11-07 at 17:34binfujiwaraKusakabe Yuukiimage, summary
c15066.12013-11-07 at 17:20binfujiwaraKusakabe Yuukiadded character