Kuroda Hikari

黒田 光

Kuroda Hikari
Kuroda Hikari黒田 光 B
MeasurementsHeight: 161cm, Bust-Waist-Hips: 82-64-88cm
Birthday9 November
Hair, Blunt Bangs, Brown, Hair Loopies, Long, Odango
Eyes, Green, Tareme
Body, Average Height, Pale, Slim, Teen
Clothes, Rubber Band With Beads, School Uniform, Tank Top
Personality, Friendly, Moody, Outgoing, Short-tempered
Role, Classmate, Friend, High School Student, Part-time Worker, Waitstaff
Engages in, Teasing
Subject of, Pregnancy
Engages in (Sexual), Blowjob, Masturbation, Outdoor Sex, Virgin Sex
Subject of (Sexual), Cunnilingus, Doggy Style, Sitting Sex
Visual novelsMakes an appearance - Cross Days
Main character - Island Days
Side character - School Days
Side character - Shiny Days
Side character - Summer Days
Voiced byIsshiki Hikaru


Temperamental and fastidious, Hikari Kuroda is a student in year one of class three, recognizable by her signature squid rings hairstyle. She initially believes that Makoto and Sekai are dating from the very start, and tends to negatively generalize him; later growing closer to him herself. Though she is actually quite friendly and social, Hikari is the most childish of the cast; sporting an unduly knack for whining and prying into the affairs of others. Her family owns a confectionery store and café, famous for its lemon custard pie. Hikari is good friends with Sekai and has an unreciprocated crush on Taisuke Sawanaga.

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