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Hair, Braid, Hair Beads, Long, Red
Eyes, Amber
Body, Pale, Tattoo, Young-adult
Clothes, Belt, Bracelet, Collar, Necklace, Pendant Earring, Pendant Necklace, Plate Armor, Robe, Scarf
Personality, Confident, Friendly, Hardworker, Honorable, Jealous, Kind, Smart, Yandere
Role, Childhood Friend, Coworker, Husband, King, Master, Not a Virgin, Twin Brother, Wealthy
Engages in, Avoidable Rape, Confinement, Drinking, Fratricide, Kidnapping, Swordsmanship, Twin Switch
Subject of, Homicide
Visual novelsMain character - Koezaru wa Akai Hana
Voiced bySumeragi Mikado


Tooya is the king of Nasura, crowned only a year before the events of the story. Like his father, the previous king, Tooya oversees the abduction of Rusu women in order to increase the population of Nasura. Unlike the previous king, Tooya has a different approach to treating the abducted women, for example, outlawing all violence against them. Very guilty for having to abduct them, Tooya tries his best to reduce the emotional and mental strain on the women.

[Based on the official website profile.]

<hidden by spoiler settings> He is Bayar, the child in Naala's memories. [spoiler]