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Mochizuki Rina

望月 理奈

Mochizuki Rina
Mochizuki Rina望月 理奈 
Hair, Blond, Straight, Twin Tails, V Bangs, Waist Length+
Eyes, Amber, Brown, Tareme
Body, D Cup, Pale, Teen
Clothes, Hair Flower, Mary Jane, Mini-dress, Necktie, Over The Knee Socks, Ribbon Hair Tie, School Uniform
Personality, Altruistic, Blunt, Competitive, Confident, Friendly, Mature, Outgoing, Smart, Watashi
Role, Classmate, Friend, Gamer, High School Student, Living Alone, Part-time Worker
Engages in, Basketball, Cooking, Cycling, Sports, Teasing
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Engages in (Sexual)
Subject of (Sexual)
Visual novelsMain character - Fureraba ~Friend to Lover~
Main character - Fureraba ~Friend to Lover~ Mini Fandisk
Voiced byAji Sanma


One of the protagonist's few female friends. Anything goes between these two, be it puns or dirty jokes. She is the girl who replaced Himari in the protagonist's life once he moved away.

Rina is gifted both intellectually and physically, and boasts a lot of confidence. Mentally speaking, she is more mature than her peers, and she has an open-minded, frank personality, never expecting anything in return for an act of kindness. She is well-aware of her good looks, but always remains modest.

Being such a perfect girl naturally earns her the affection of many guys, and makes her a role-model for girls as well. But you would never guess that she actually has a lot of surprisingly feminine weaknesses...