Edit history of Kouzuki Yura

c16801.152022-09-23 at 00:37Lamp2001Kouzuki Yuraupdated image
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c16801.112020-04-14 at 18:35wilk220Kouzuki Yurafullwidth → halfwidth space for consistency with other character names
c16801.102015-12-08 at 16:12overdarksKouzuki Yurashe killed shigusa tokiko
c16801.92015-12-08 at 15:30overdarksKouzuki Yurashe doesn't have a heterochromia, but has 2 grey eyes
c16801.82015-06-13 at 21:59dekachinKouzuki YuraNot a main character. Her actual presence in Cartagra is definitely revealed very late in the game.
c16801.72015-03-06 at 16:02infinitedestinyKouzuki YuraAdditional traits.
c16801.62015-01-19 at 05:27wakaranaiKouzuki Yuraadded nagomibako fandisc
c16801.52014-06-03 at 21:49anonymousKouzuki Yurare do that importance of character type
c16801.42014-06-03 at 21:48anonymousKouzuki YuraThree major traits added. 1 major spoiler type.
c16801.32014-01-28 at 11:09YorhelKouzuki YuraMinor spoiler? (t5022)
c16801.22014-01-28 at 05:44jadamassa12Kouzuki YuraI will also add in this, if you are thinking about editing her eyes remember that the color plays an important role.
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