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c16860.192019-01-25 at 21:13kuroneko45Hinata HidekiAdded another visual novel that he appears in as a main character.
c16860.182015-12-23 at 16:29berunkaHinata HidekiAdded trait
c16860.172015-10-25 at 14:02frogstatHinata HidekiAdded new nickname, Otonashi calls him this as a derivative of Ikechin.
c16860.162015-10-25 at 03:08novellaHinata HidekiAdded trait.
c16860.152015-10-11 at 18:02berunkaHinata HidekiAdded traits
c16860.142015-09-14 at 12:49bayonetHinata HidekiAdded trait (from flashback scene)
c16860.132015-06-27 at 06:23bayonetHinata Hidekiadded alias 'イケチン'
c16860.122015-06-14 at 17:19traumatizerHinata Hideki+1
c16860.112015-05-02 at 16:42berunkaHinata HidekiAdded traits
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c16860.42014-07-08 at 15:34huafles1994Hinata HidekiAdded some traits
c16860.32014-02-11 at 06:21berunkaHinata HidekiWithout spoiler, because he is dead from the beginning.
c16860.22014-02-05 at 09:51zeronguyen9xHinata HidekiFull name of Hinata
c16860.12014-02-01 at 04:16berunkaHinataCreated