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Nanakawa Rui

七河 瑠依

Nanakawa Rui
Nanakawa Rui七河 瑠依 
MeasurementsHeight: 169cm, Bust-Waist-Hips: 84-54-85cm
Birthday2 February
Hair, Brown
Eyes, Blue
Clothes, Bikini, Coat, Helmet, Necktie, School Uniform
Personality, Otaku
Role, Full Sister, High School Student, Manga Artist, Older Sister, Twin Sister, Waitstaff
Engages in, Cosplay, Cross-dressing
Visual novelsMain character - Tokimeki Memorial 4
Voiced byMizuhashi Kaori


A big sister of Tadashi and a student of Hibiki High School, which is the setting of Tokimeki Memorial 2. She is a cheerful person who can remain optimistic even in the time of crisis. She likes anime and video games very much, and considers herself an Otaku. For that reason, she always disguises as Tadashi and infiltrates Kirameki High School to look for something she wants. She also likes drawing Doujin manga.

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