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Hexia Vivien Dumont d'Andre

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Hexia Vivien Dumont d'Andre
Birthday6 June
HairBlack, Shoulder-length
PersonalityCarefree, Strange
RoleNot a Virgin, Older Sister
Visual novelsProtagonist - Fetish
Protagonist - Fetish: Every Second Counts


Hexia is the first-born child of Theodore and Katherina. She had a strict upbringing and was expected to act just like a lady, since she is part of a noble family. But due to her parents' absence after she turned seven, she had so much liberty and forgot her lessons. This explains her having tattoos, dressing less conservatively, cutting her hair short, and sleeping casually with men.

Hexia's eyeball fetish was born because of Vier. For the longest time she had admired her brother's eyes and dreamed of "collecting" them to complete her collection, until she saw Cain.

Although she's sleeping with men and has suitors worthy of being her husband, it hasn't come across her mind to marry anyone. This is because she is in love with Cain. But with social standings in the way, they will never be together.

- She has a palm-sized tattoo of a rose at her back near the bottom and a thorny circlet tattoo on her left ankle.
- Hexia means "six."

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