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Vier d'Andre

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Vier d'Andre
Birthday11 April
HairBlack, Short
RoleYounger Brother
Engages inReading
Visual novelsMain character - Fetish
Main character - Fetish: Every Second Counts


Vier was born a decade after his mother, Katherina, gave birth to his elder sister, Hexia. He was an unwanted child and Katherina planned to abort him, but was stopped by his father, Theodore.

At the time he finally came into the world, his parents went on a trip and almost never came back. Because of this, Vier grew up in the maids' and Hexia's care, not knowing any parental love.

His poison fetish developed when he was once poisoned by a maid. He never knew humans could be damaged from the inside and was greatly fascinated. He started reading and researching from his father's books, and later bought his own.

His knowledge was so vast and advanced that it made his teachers and classmates find him weird to the extent that they feared him, resulting in Vier dropping out of school for good.

Since he rarely had any contact with his parents, Hexia was always the one he turned to whenever he faced any dilemmas. To him, Hexia's the only person he can fully trust.

He's jealous of Cain's close relationship with his sister, and even once tried to poison him.

- He is weak to cold weather.
- Vier means "four."

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