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c17303.202022-08-17 at 22:39kei-trHishia MoriThere are bigger visual novels with more routes in the database and there are examples if a character is a protagonist even single one of those
c17303.192022-08-17 at 12:37molesterHishia MoriReverted to revision c17303.17 That's the POINT in "her route", most of the time Narita is the protagonist. Just because her route was from her
c17303.182022-08-17 at 01:52kei-trHishia MoriAs I said, we read story from her perspective even more than Narita's at her route. Definetly not "for a short while" as Temporary Protagonist trait
c17303.172022-08-12 at 17:55molesterHishia MoriShe's not a full-fledged protagonist in fd. "Temporary Protagonist" trait suits better.
c17303.162022-06-05 at 09:27vnboiHishia Mori+2
c17303.152022-05-31 at 21:53kei-trHishia MoriWe had her perspective even more than Narita's in her route
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c17303.122019-11-02 at 10:40multiHishia MoriAutomatic extraction of cup size field from the description.
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