Takakura Yoshiomi

鷹倉 義臣

Takakura Yoshiomi
Takakura Yoshiomi鷹倉 義臣 
Hair, Beard, Brown
Eyes, Brown
Body, Adult
Clothes, Suit
Role, Executive, Father, Non-blood-related Father, Widower
Visual novelsSide character - Clover Day's


A man of strong character and unwavering personalit. He is naturally the one Yuuto goes to if something important needs to be discussed, and will listen to everything he has to say regardless of prior shenanigans.

He adopted Yuuto while he was on a business trip to England. Yoshiomi does not have a son, but requires an heir for his business when he decides to retire. He conveniently came upon Yuuto and gave him an amazing life. You could view Yoshiomi’s behavior is very selfish for simply wanting an heir, but I like to think that giving an orphan a home is a good enough venture. He’s quite reliable if he doesn’t have alcohol in him.

[Edited from Yakusoku Translations]