Hoshizora Kirara

星空 綺麗々

Hoshizora Kirara
Hoshizora Kirara星空 綺麗々 
AliasesOnee-sama, お姉さま, Kira-chan, きらちゃん
MeasurementsHeight: 160cm
Hair, Black, Kemonomimi, Parted to Side, Sidehair, Spiky Bangs, Straight, Waist Length+
Eyes, Green, Hosome
Body, Average Height, C Cup, Pale, Slim, Teen
Clothes, Armband, Belt, Bikini, Cuffs, Headband, Leggings, Mini-dress, Miniskirt, Pajamas, Pleated Skirt, Ribbon Tie, Scarf, School Uniform
Personality, Disciplinarian, Nature Lover, Sweets Lover, Watashi
Role, Classmate, Discipline Committee Member, High School Student
Visual novelsProtagonist - Uni.
Voiced byIse Mariya


Likes: Public morals, discipline, common sense
Dislikes: Failure, motorcycle gangs, thoughtlessness, animals (in reality she loves them)

Hoshizora Kirara is the perfect girl with great grades and personality, but she has one thing that worries her: her own name. While some friends think that it’s a cute name, most of her classmates think that it’s weird. She resents her father who used to be part of a motorcycle gang, and wishes to leave her home and live alone. Even entering Fuumi Academy doesn’t help her downcast feelings until she notices a recruitment poster that was looking for a member to join the Hatsunejima student discipline committee.

[From Hau! Omochikaeri~]