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c18175.492020-06-29 at 21:20rampaaJinpou An+1
c18175.482020-01-01 at 10:39traumatizerJinpou Anbig titties~
c18175.472020-01-01 at 08:5530kJinpou AnJinpou An is a Shinigami thus an immortal
c18175.462019-12-04 at 05:42steviolJinpou An+trait
c18175.452019-08-20 at 23:48rampaaJinpou An"Official page" doesn't mean anything at all. See: link
c18175.442019-08-20 at 23:43curiousJinpou AnnReverted to revision c18175.41. Official page shows "Ann" link
c18175.432019-08-20 at 23:18rampaaJinpou AnChanged the description accordingly.
c18175.422019-08-20 at 23:17rampaaJinpou Anlink 神鳳 杏->じんぽう あん->Jinpou An
c18175.412019-07-19 at 13:4130kJinpou AnnAnn route
c18175.402018-11-27 at 16:26anonymousJinpou AnnSou describes her as stubborn. And besides, she constantly tries to get Yuma into her student council.
c18175.392018-11-06 at 12:49sy74kyaJinpou AnnShe played Shogi with Konami.
c18175.382018-10-22 at 13:16sy74kyaJinpou Ann+1
c18175.372018-10-08 at 08:52sy74kyaJinpou AnnEh, not that big a spoiler. And we'll add Carefree anyway and put the Pretending tag with it.
c18175.362018-10-08 at 08:51sy74kyaJinpou Ann+3
c18175.352018-09-17 at 11:18sy74kyaJinpou Ann...and OH CRAP I DIDN'T REALIZE.
c18175.342018-09-17 at 11:12sy74kyaJinpou AnnI haven't played this VN yet, though I will so soon as I've finished the one I'm currently doing (one or two more days and we'll be there) so really
c18175.332018-06-26 at 00:05takayanagiJinpou AnnSpoiler removed. If you want to put that in, please do it properly in an instance as per guidelines.
c18175.322018-06-25 at 21:25yonaJinpou AnnAdded "Younger Appearance" trait, since she is stated to be over a century old.
c18175.312018-05-22 at 19:08traumatizerJinpou Anndesc
c18175.302018-01-17 at 23:30kei-trJinpou Anntrait
c18175.292017-12-12 at 16:07anonymousJinpou Annproposed by MC at the end of her route.
c18175.282017-10-16 at 05:15dinoswJinpou AnnAdded tags
c18175.272017-10-15 at 03:08dinoswJinpou AnnAdded the trait "Pretending" and removed the tag "Carefree". She is by no means carefree, which is revealed when playing her route. She is in fact
c18175.262017-10-15 at 03:03dinoswJinpou AnnRemoved the tag: "Split Personality". She does in fact have another personality, but the tag description clearly states: "Dissociative identity
c18175.252017-10-10 at 00:14ferustachiJinpou AnnShe does not give the Protagonist a blowjob, Elenora did that in Ann's route.
c18175.242015-07-22 at 09:15traumatizerJinpou Anntraits
c18175.232015-01-21 at 07:07multiJinpou AnnRemoving deleted traits.
c18175.222014-10-07 at 17:54siegfried88Jinpou Annforgot to add the necklace
c18175.212014-09-15 at 19:40siegfried88Jinpou Annfixed traits tags
c18175.202014-09-15 at 11:37siegfried88Jinpou Annupdate info from official translations
c18175.192014-09-15 at 06:13siegfried88Jinpou Annmade a mistake
c18175.182014-09-15 at 06:12siegfried88Jinpou Annshinigami appearance, major spoilers
c18175.172014-09-15 at 06:05siegfried88Jinpou Annshe rarely runs out of energy it seems
c18175.162014-09-15 at 06:01siegfried88Jinpou Annshe made the shogi club later on
c18175.152014-09-15 at 05:25siegfried88Jinpou Annclothes from the VN
c18175.142014-09-15 at 04:57siegfried88Jinpou Annher eyes are usually tareme, but in her other form it becomes sharp looking
c18175.132014-09-14 at 18:31siegfried88Jinpou AnnI read the VN, nuff said
c18175.122014-09-14 at 12:54siegfried88Jinpou AnnShe wields a scythe in Shinigami form, though not always
c18175.112014-09-14 at 10:00siegfried88Jinpou AnnHer eye & hair color change when her other side emerges
c18175.102014-07-11 at 22:22joker01Jinpou Annadded Sex in Public Places (school)
c18175.92014-07-05 at 03:17kanbeJinpou Annupdated traits
c18175.82014-06-01 at 09:30ds1150Jinpou Annvisual and descriptive traits
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c18175.42014-06-01 at 05:09kanbeJinpou Anntesting something
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