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c18178.442018-11-06 at 12:48sy74kyaAsaba KonamiI added the fact that Ann called her Kona tan.
c18178.432018-10-02 at 11:53sy74kyaAsaba KonamiThis happens in the common route, so it's not a major spoiler.
c18178.422018-05-22 at 19:02traumatizerAsaba Konamioh yeah, forgot the orphan trait and this one
c18178.412018-05-22 at 19:01traumatizerAsaba Konamigrammar
c18178.402017-11-22 at 14:37bremkewAsaba KonamiWeight added
c18178.392017-10-22 at 21:09ferustachiAsaba Konami+1
c18178.382017-10-15 at 03:19dinoswAsaba KonamiRemoved the tag: "Half-Orphan". Reason: Tag description reads: "An half-orphan is a child bereaved one of his or her parents. In common usage, only a
c18178.372017-10-10 at 13:05traumatizerAsaba Konamiintake
c18178.362017-03-03 at 09:54multiAsaba KonamiRemoving deleted and unapproved traits.
c18178.352015-12-05 at 11:06traumatizerAsaba Konami+1
c18178.342015-12-03 at 19:37traumatizerAsaba Konami+1
c18178.332015-09-07 at 05:43christownAsaba KonamiAdded trait.
c18178.322015-09-06 at 15:01christownAsaba KonamiClearly not a spoiler, since it's pretty obvious. She has her own route, has other sexual traits, and the incest tag is in the visual novel tags. As
c18178.312015-07-22 at 09:10traumatizerAsaba Konami.
c18178.302015-07-22 at 09:10traumatizerAsaba Konamitraits
c18178.292015-04-26 at 05:14siegfried88Asaba Konamiupdated
c18178.282015-01-21 at 07:07multiAsaba KonamiRemoving deleted traits.
c18178.272014-12-11 at 18:24siegfried88Asaba Konamiupdated traits
c18178.262014-11-07 at 09:31siegfried88Asaba Konamiafter closer inspection, her hair isn't past waist-lenght
c18178.252014-10-21 at 11:26siegfried88Asaba Konamiupdated traits
c18178.242014-10-07 at 17:56siegfried88Asaba Konamiupdated traits
c18178.232014-09-21 at 10:03siegfried88Asaba Konamiupdate aliases
c18178.222014-09-17 at 16:56siegfried88Asaba Konamiupdate trait
c18178.212014-09-17 at 15:28siegfried88Asaba Konamiupdate traits
c18178.202014-09-17 at 15:20siegfried88Asaba Konamiadd personality trait
c18178.192014-09-16 at 03:41siegfried88Asaba KonamiA little update and typo fix
c18178.182014-09-16 at 03:32siegfried88Asaba Konamiupdate info on appearance
c18178.172014-09-15 at 11:58siegfried88Asaba Konamiupdate
c18178.162014-09-15 at 11:32siegfried88Asaba Konamiupdate info from official translations
c18178.152014-09-15 at 06:24siegfried88Asaba Konamiit's a nightgown, not pajamas
c18178.142014-09-15 at 05:19siegfried88Asaba Konamiclothes from the VN
c18178.132014-09-15 at 04:53siegfried88Asaba Konamiher eyes have a sharper look than the others
c18178.122014-09-15 at 04:42siegfried88Asaba Konamishe likes to tease her friends in a friendly manner
c18178.112014-09-14 at 11:09siegfried88Asaba KonamiHer eyes are more teal in colour
c18178.102014-09-14 at 11:03siegfried88Asaba KonamiShe lost her dad due to an illness
c18178.92014-09-14 at 10:56siegfried88Asaba KonamiYou'll see why when you read it
c18178.82014-09-14 at 10:04siegfried88Asaba KonamiShe's a 1st year
c18178.72014-07-15 at 04:53cynicismAsaba Konamiadded sexual traits
c18178.62014-07-11 at 22:19joker01Asaba KonamiTags added for sexual and engages in categories
c18178.52014-07-11 at 22:08joker01Asaba KonamiAdded Popular and Mischievous tags
c18178.42014-06-01 at 09:42ds1150Asaba Konamivisual and descriptive traits
c18178.32014-06-01 at 05:54kanbeAsaba Konamiediting
c18178.22014-06-01 at 05:34kanbeAsaba Konamiadding trait
c18178.12014-06-01 at 05:33kanbeAsaba Konamiadding (not sure how to describe her personality)