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c18180.462019-02-05 at 11:18dk382Asaba YuumaUnlocking. Double u's are to be kept. We're keeping all very literal romanizations of kanji/hiragana names (katakana names are foreign and subject to
c18180.452017-11-29 at 13:50beliarAsaba YuumaReverted to revision c18180.43 c18177.37
c18180.442017-11-29 at 13:42dinoswAsaba YumaReverted to revision c18180.42 @Beliar Quote from the romanization rules (link): "For English (or other foreign) words in a non-roman script, the
c18180.432017-11-28 at 17:09beliarAsaba YuumaHis name is あさば ゆうま, according to every source on the net. The romanization used in the English translation doesn't matter.
c18180.422017-11-13 at 18:09dinoswAsaba YumaFixed a typo
c18180.412017-11-13 at 15:44dinoswAsaba YumaAdded an alias (nickname).
c18180.402017-10-19 at 13:55dinoswAsaba YumaMinor fixes + added a trait
c18180.392017-10-19 at 01:38dinoswAsaba YuumaAdded some traits
c18180.382017-10-17 at 07:31dinoswAsaba YuumaAdded a trait
c18180.372017-10-16 at 11:53dinoswAsaba YuumaAdded trait.
c18180.362017-10-15 at 03:18dinoswAsaba YuumaRemoved the tag: "Half-Orphan". Reason: Tag description reads: "An half-orphan is a child bereaved one of his or her parents. In common usage, only a
c18180.352017-10-12 at 22:10yuuridudesterAsaba YuumaRomanization fix according to the guidelines.
c18180.342017-10-07 at 07:46thewayfarerAsaba YumaTraits (based on image)
c18180.332015-12-03 at 19:38traumatizerAsaba Yuma+1
c18180.322015-09-06 at 15:03christownAsaba YumaDoesn't need to be tagged as a spoiler - It's obvious.
c18180.312015-07-22 at 09:27traumatizerAsaba Yumah-scene traits
c18180.302015-05-14 at 18:51remedilAsaba YumaTraits added
c18180.292015-04-26 at 05:13siegfried88Asaba Yumaupdated
c18180.282015-01-27 at 00:37hitogoroshiAsaba YumaHe wasnt resurrected.
c18180.272014-11-05 at 18:14siegfried88Asaba Yumaupdated trait, he's often expressionless, unless in rare cases.
c18180.262014-11-03 at 13:47siegfried88Asaba Yumaupdated aliases
c18180.252014-10-26 at 11:38siegfried88Asaba Yumaupdated traits
c18180.242014-10-21 at 11:26siegfried88Asaba Yumaupdated traits
c18180.232014-10-21 at 10:33siegfried88Asaba Yumaupdated traits
c18180.222014-10-04 at 16:00siegfried88Asaba Yumaupdated profile
c18180.212014-09-22 at 11:54siegfried88Asaba Yumaupdate aliases
c18180.202014-09-20 at 07:12siegfried88Asaba YumaHe's a pretty reliable person & usually thinks before acting
c18180.192014-09-17 at 15:28siegfried88Asaba Yumaupdate traits
c18180.182014-09-17 at 06:31siegfried88Asaba Yumaadded clothes
c18180.172014-09-16 at 15:34siegfried88Asaba Yumaminor fix
c18180.162014-09-16 at 04:42siegfried88Asaba Yumaupdate a better image
c18180.152014-09-15 at 14:09siegfried88Asaba Yumaupdate his occupation
c18180.142014-09-15 at 11:29siegfried88Asaba Yumaupdate on character profile based on official translations
c18180.132014-09-15 at 06:29siegfried88Asaba Yumaclothes from the VN, visible through CG
c18180.122014-09-15 at 04:52siegfried88Asaba Yumalook at his eyes carefully
c18180.112014-09-14 at 18:55siegfried88Asaba YumaHe often teased Hanako
c18180.102014-09-14 at 18:42siegfried88Asaba YumaHe's less sociable than regular people
c18180.92014-09-14 at 18:31siegfried88Asaba YumaMissing trait
c18180.82014-09-14 at 11:02siegfried88Asaba YumaHe lost his dad due to an illness
c18180.72014-09-14 at 10:56siegfried88Asaba YumaRead the story to find out
c18180.62014-07-12 at 15:53joker01Asaba YumaAdded Accident tag
c18180.52014-07-09 at 19:39kanbeAsaba Yumaadded trait
c18180.42014-06-01 at 10:16ds1150Asaba Yumaa few visual traits
c18180.32014-06-01 at 05:52kanbeAsaba Yumaediting
c18180.22014-06-01 at 05:51kanbeAsaba Yumaediting
c18180.12014-06-01 at 05:51kanbeAsaba Yumaadding