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Hebime Itaru

蛇目 至

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Hebime ItaruSafe / Tame (15)
Hebime Itaru蛇目 至
HairBlond, Eye Covering, Long, Parted in Middle
BodyPale, Slim, Tattoo, Teen, Ugly
ClothesBelt, Half-naked, Necklace, Trousers
PersonalityCold-hearted, Hotblooded, Strange
RoleEleventh Grader, High School Student, Musician, Otouto Act
Engages in (Sexual)Not Sexually Involved
Visual novelsSide character - Maple Colors
Voiced byGotanda Masato


Another strange member of class 2-B.
Itaru is a a wannabe heavy metal star guitarist who dreams about touring the world with his concerts. He likes to play very loud rock and metal music. Although he's very daunting, he would not hesitate to rely on "Big Brother" Yoshijirou and cooperate with him, because he felt that he is a worthy rock musician opponent.

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