Amanoidaira Reina

天野平 礼奈

Amanoidaira Reina
Amanoidaira Reina天野平 礼奈 
MeasurementsHeight: 148cm
Hair, Green, Long, Ponytail, Short, V Bangs
Eyes, Green, Tsurime
Body, AA Cup, Average Height, Fang, Kid, Pale, Slim
Clothes, Crop Top, Eyepatch, New Type School Swimsuit, Pajamas, Pleated Skirt, Ribbon Tie, Sailor Suit, School Uniform, Shorts, Skirt, Tank Top, Turtleneck Shirt
Personality, Mischievous, Strange, Whimsical, Word Repetition
Role, High School Student, School Newspaper Club Member, Unofficial School Club Member
Visual novelsSide character - Uni.
Voiced byHaruka Hitomi


Bust: AAA Cup
Likes: Refrigerators, washing machines
Hates: Guri-guri Attack

Reina is a newcomer to Kazami Gakuen's informal newspaper club who has yearning for her tutor Suginami from the same club.
Reina's actions are always extraordinary and whimsical. She likes to play inside a washing machine, to "cool off" in the fridge and so on. She is a real weirdo who always does the diagonal of what others expect her to do. Also, Reina always adds "~nanoda" or "~noda" at the end of her sentences

[Translated from Getchu]