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Nanno Alice

南乃 ありす

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Nanno Alice南乃 ありす
Birthday27 March
HairAhoge, Braided Hair Loopies, Odango, Orange, Sidehair, Spiky Bangs, Straight, Waist Length+
EyesBlue, Tareme
BodyPale, Short (obsolete), Slim, Teen
ClothesBaby-doll, Belt, Clothing with Ribbons, Hairpin, Lolita Hairband, Loose Socks, Mary Jane, Mini-dress, Miniskirt, Pendant Necklace, Ribbon Tie, School Uniform, Shorts, Thigh-high Stockings
PersonalityAirhead, Curious, Docile, Friendly, Naive, Romantic
RoleClassmate, Friend, High School Student, Living Alone, Part-time Worker, Pet Owner, School Newspaper Club Member, Temporary Protagonist
Engages inBasketball, Cooking, Reading, Shopping
Visual novelsProtagonist - Majo Koi Nikki
Voiced byKusuhara Yui


A straightforward, sweet, and scatterbrained academy student.

Alice attends Hekihou Academy with her friends Yakko and Keiko, where she's a member of the photography club. She lives alone except for her pet dog Qoo, and she holds down a part-time job as a waitress at Dragon Burger.