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Valkyrie Sigurd


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Valkyrie Sigurd戦乙女シグルド
AliasesThe Azure Valkyrie, 紺碧のヴァルキリー
HairBlond, Braid, Waist Length+
BodyVisible Nipples, Young-adult
ClothesCape, Fingerless Gloves, Hair Tie, Helmet, Pendant Necklace, Plate Armor, Torn Clothing
Subject ofTorture, Whipping
Visual novelsMain character - Ikusa Otome Suvia
Voiced byKasuga An


A beautiful girl with golden hair and agate eyes, who wears a traditional azure battle uniform. She was originally human, not a divine, but her bravery and technique with a blade was evident on sight and she became a Valkyrie. On the opposite side of the spectrum from firm and strong-minded, her emotions run deep. She’s warm-hearted and displays ladylike care. She has a big-sister disposition to her, and boasts a befitting popularity amongst the soliders.

She handles a sword larger than she is as if it were light as a feather. In battle she’s a power fighter who takes the lead and mows down enemies in front of her. On the other hand, she also happens to have an intellectual side, and executes faithfully the strategies Svia comes up with without breaking a sweat. But as a Valkyrie, her human roots have left her at the lowest rank, and she was left behind on the march to rescue Odin to guard over Valhalla. As a result, when the Divine Forces were defeated, the troops she led became the final hope for Asgard.
She’s Svia’s only friend. Also, like Svia, she carries one of the keys to the floodgates within her womb.

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