Miyakura Yoshino

宮倉 由乃

Miyakura Yoshino
Miyakura Yoshino宮倉 由乃 
Hair, Black, Shoulder-length, Sidehair
Eyes, Brown
Body, E+ Cup, Young-adult
Clothes, Hairpin, Kimono, Skirt, Sweater
Role, Aunt, Housekeeper, Maid
Subject of, Pregnancy
Engages in (Sexual), Bathroom Sex, Blowjob, Boobjob, Group Sex, Inbreeding, Incest, Twin Blowjob, Twin Boobjob, Twin Handjob, Virgin Sex
Subject of (Sexual), Anal Fingering, Anal Sex, Cowgirl, Missionary, Sitting Sex, Standing Sex, Suspension Bondage, Vaginal Fingering
Visual novelsMain character - Tegome ni Sareru Kyuunin no Otome
Main character - Yobai Suru Nananin no Harame
Voiced bySugihara Matsuri


Masaya's aunt and sister of his deceased mother. Since Masaya came to the village, she helps him with everything as a maid.

In "Tegome ni Sareru Kyuunin no Otome" she isn't the protagonist's aunt but only the housekeeper of the place he goes to live.