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Ogata Seishirou

緒方 星四郎

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Ogata Seishirou緒方 星四郎
HairBlack, Short
RoleMedical Student, School Nurse
Engages inTorture
Visual novelsProtagonist - Eien to Natta Rusuban ~Papa wa Kaeranai~
Protagonist - Mayonaka wa Owaranai
Protagonist - Mayonaka wa Ware no Mono


To the general public, Seishirou is respected pharmaceutical expert, and earns his wealth through medical research. He also secretly operates as a school nurse. In truth, he is a sadistic entrepreneur who studies dark sorceries and devotes tremendous resources into criminal activities such as arms smuggling. Seishirou seeks nothing less than the power of a god, and will do anything to seize it: Heaven have mercy on the poor souls who dare stand in his way.

[From Nargrakhan's review]