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c1875.122014-10-21 at 19:47kyarorainTokido SayaDoesn't appear in SS.
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c1875.92013-01-05 at 11:55acewing905Tokido SayaWhy were two older releases swapped for the new ones instead of adding the new ones afresh? The previous releases have been added back.
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c1875.72012-10-18 at 16:58binfujiwaraTokido Sayaribbon
c1875.62012-10-05 at 03:48acewing905Tokido Saya"Childhood friend" is a pretty big spoiler.
c1875.52012-03-23 at 23:46hirominTokido SayaMeasurements+Traits.
c1875.42012-03-23 at 23:44luckyscampTokido Sayatrait added
c1875.32012-03-06 at 15:19barfboyTokido SayaI'm going to guess this person is female. If I'm wrong I apologize.
c1875.22011-10-01 at 05:21eyelessTokido Sayaname, relations. not sure about ps2 releases.
c1875.12011-09-14 at 02:01luckyscampTokido SayaSaya the shooter is here