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Elaina d'Andre-Borrough

Elaina d'Andre-Borrough
Birthday16 September
HairBrown, Ponytail, Shoulder-length
RoleAunt, Older Sister, Step Sister, Wife
Visual novelsSide character - Fetish: Every Second Counts


Elaina became Theodore's sister when her mother married his father. She didn't like the idea of her mother getting married again, but since their company was close to being closed down because of bankruptcy, the marriage was done solely for business purposes.

She was rough towards Theodore at first, but later learned to be caring when she knew he was actually younger than her. Probably because Elaina only had younger sisters and an elder brother.

She was married to a businessman not through an arrangement, but because of love.

- Her mother married Theodore's father, and thus she became his step older sister.
- Her husband is a well-known businessman and has twin girls named Anais and Anaelle.

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