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Katherina Walker-d'Andre

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Katherina Walker-d'Andre
Birthday7 December
ClothesEarrings, Necklace
RoleMother, Noble, Wife
Visual novelsSide character - Fetish: Every Second Counts


Katherina is the youngest and most disciplined child of the family. She was considered the "perfect" offspring by her parents. But despite being wealthy, Katherina didn't have the chance of having anything she wants.

Everything she owned was decided and bought for her. This was to make Katherina into the perfect child. Katherina lived like a living doll controlled by her parents.

She also didn't complain when her mother set up for marriage with Theodore, but accepted it as she was supposed to. She never fell in love with her husband.

However, when she gave birth to her first child, Hexia, she swore she would give her child everything Katherina never had. This resulted in letting Hexia doing whatever she wanted, including committing crimes.

She never wanted a second child, and despises Vier.

Her interest in exotic food developed when she was on a trip to an underdeveloped city in Asia. There she was able to taste all sorts of meat from almost extinct species.

- Her marriage with Theodore was arranged by her mother long before she was born.
- Her behavior was due to her family's strict policies, since they are one of the noble families.

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