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Theodore d'Andre

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Theodore d'Andre
Birthday14 November
HairBlack, Goatee, Short
RoleFather, Husband, Widower
Visual novelsSide character - Fetish: Every Second Counts


Theodore came from a family of doctors and businessmen, and was the second youngest of four children. He chose to be in the business world due to his elder brother's influence.

As he became more immersed in the world of business, he began cooperating with various groups to further expand his knowledge about trades.

He didn't have any plans about marriage, let alone having children, but he had an arranged marriage to a family friend's daughter. But months after the marriage, his wife committed suicide.

Months after that, he met Katherina, who was seventeen at the time. He was particularly cold to her, and kept his distance. However, he began to have interest in her when Katherina once told him she wanted to die. Theodore felt he wanted to understand and know Katherina more.

Despite his interest towards Katherina, he never fell in love with her, even after they got married. To him, his marriage was only to bring his family good fortunate and give birth to heirs that will continue his family line.

Although he may not have loved Katherina, he holds his children dear.

- He has been married twice. Katherina is is second wife.
- He has always been a silent man.

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