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Kuori Seiya

久織 聖夜

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Kuori Seiya久織 聖夜
HairBrown, Short
ClothesDress, Ribbon Hair Accessory, Uniform
PersonalityBrocon, Cheerful, Deredere, Friendly, Kind, Opposite Gender Voiced
RoleChildhood Friend, High School Student, Homosexual, Neighbor
Engages inCross-dressing
Visual novelsSide character - Cloth×Close ~Boku ga Queen!?~
Voiced byKosaki An


Kuori is a child hood friend of protagonist. Growing up as a single child that was lonely the protagonist was always around to be his friend. This lead Kuori call protag his oni chan. After protag moved away Kuori eventual moved away to go to same school he was teaching. Because of close relationship protag was made legal guardian and both live next to each other in apartment.