Edit history of Daikyou

c19285.132019-12-03 at 09:05animedubamericaDaikyou"She's a hermaphrodite"
c19285.122019-06-21 at 07:18botzyDaikyouNot present in those games
c19285.112018-07-31 at 20:25dk382DaikyouReverted to revision c19285.9 None of these characters you changed the roles for feature very prominently in the game. I'm reverting all of these
c19285.102018-07-31 at 14:52misha190993Daikyoucorrection
c19285.92018-01-30 at 18:52traumatizerDaikyou+1
c19285.82018-01-30 at 18:19traumatizerDaikyousome traits
c19285.72017-09-26 at 23:07skorpiondeathDaikyou+1
c19285.62017-02-01 at 19:28x-rayjDaikyouRevert back to side character for Koihime Musou. Added Shin Koihime and Moeshouden.
c19285.52017-02-01 at 19:23x-rayjDaikyouChanged to main character.
c19285.42015-12-17 at 20:07traumatizerDaikyoulinks
c19285.32015-10-03 at 19:40traumatizerDaikyoutraits
c19285.22015-01-21 at 07:07multiDaikyouRemoving deleted traits.
c19285.12014-06-25 at 14:15kazuto-samaDaikyouadd char