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Izawa Minami

井沢 南

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Izawa Minami井沢 南
MeasurementsHeight: 158cm, Bust-Waist-Hips: 84-58-86cm
HairShort, Twin Tails, Violet
ClothesGarter Belt Stockings, Hairpin, Open Cup Bra
PersonalityJealous, Serious
RoleChildhood Friend, Miko
Subject ofPossession, Pregnancy
Visual novelsMain character - Junketsu★Megami-sama! "Tanezuke Shite Kudasai, Danna-sama!"
Voiced byKawai Shinano


Yutaka's childhood friend who lives near the Kunimi family's house. She's working as a miko at the shrine that is Yutaka's home and is acquainted with his parents. She's secretly in love with the protagonist and attends the same Shinto-studies class at university, of course, to become a full-fledged miko at the shrine.

Minami is good-natured and meddlesome, often taking care of others. While at first she was against the pagan goddesses and tried to get rid of them, she still ended up taking care of them together with Yutaka. At the shrine, she instructs the goddesses as their senior (as a miko).