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Donny Bohgan


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Donny Bohganドニ・ボーガン
ClothesMilitary Uniform
PersonalityCruel, Misogynist, Pervert, Pretending, Smart
RoleCaptain, Commander, Father, Hero, Husband, Spy
Engages inMind Control, Netori (steals the SO), Planning, Revenge, Torture, Whipping
Visual novelsProtagonist - Kangoku Senkan 2 ~Yousai Toshi no Sennou Kaizou~
Protagonist - Kangoku Senkan 3 ~Nessa no Sennou Kouro~
Protagonist - Kangoku Senkan ~Hidou no Sennou Kaizou Koukai~


As a Universal Federation Army Major, he is captain of the battleship Jasant in charge of transporting key figures. However, his hidden persona is as a special spy working for the Neo Terrors and an illegal agent who accomplishes his missions through sabotage and assassination. He also has an interest in acquiring fame for himself; he has no political attachments and has no interest in the Neo Terrors and New Solars getting along, but from his point of view upon hearing the hypocrisy of the New Solars, he does have a firm attachment to the more human Neo Terrors and their corrupt ways. Donny's interest is in human brainwashing techniques by means of memory implants using brainwashing devices, that, he thinks, will be useful in propelling his rise to fame. As for his ideas, he carries out his methods like a mad man, unfearing too of god when he creates completely new and artificial personalities. In the past, he had an experience of being imprisoned upon making a mistake in his mission relating to Lieri and Naomi, and after being released from prison, he has planned a sequence of events in determined revenge against those two people by altering their personalities.

[from Dark Translations]