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Alexandre Pasteur


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Alexandre Pasteurアレクサンドル=パストゥール
AliasesAlex, アレク, Alexandru Pastenr, Alexander Pastener
HairBlond, Curtained, Parted in Middle, Short
BodyYounger Appearance
ClothesCape, Jester Costume
PersonalitySelfish, Short-tempered
RoleOlder Brother, Prince, Twin Brother
Visual novelsProtagonist - Apocripha/0 Alex Disk
Main character - Apocripha/0 Platina Disk
Protagonist - Apocripha/0 Fanbox Happiness Cage
Voiced byTakagi Motoki


Alex is the first prince of Hell (Naraku), the elder twin born from the right red eye of the King of Hell. He is to fight Platina to the death over the succession of Naraku. He doesn't really know Platina and has a lot of conflict over having to fight, especially as he is initially weaker than his brother. He is a bit selfish with a short temper if he doesn't get his way, but behind this lies a deep and caring attitude.

[From Boys' Love Games Headquarters]

Other instances

Visual novelsProtagonist - Pray