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Aishi Aza

Aishi Aza
HairAhoge, White
BodyDark, Futanari, Unnatural Skin Tone
ClothesArmband, Loincloth
Visual novelsMain character - The Menagerie


Aishi Aza has a rather mysterious, fey air about her. She has arrived in Alabast with the collector Sabei Koni, who gave her the name Aishi Aza. She caused quite the buzz within the Menagerie, the nobles entranced by her grey skin, red eyes and white hair, sights that Alabastians had never seen before. Although laconic by nature, Aishi has taken to her new life in the Menagerie with a bizarre degree of satisfaction, growing attached to the physical restraints she now wears. Why Aishi has come such a long way is a mystery. But since she no longer wears her mask, Aishi can never return home.

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