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c2147.92019-05-19 at 03:12steamboatwillieHirasaka Hatsunenot alias(es)
c2147.82019-02-04 at 08:09bakaakiHirasaka Hatsuneedit
c2147.72018-09-26 at 19:03[deleted]Hirasaka HatsuneNew trait
c2147.62018-05-13 at 14:17gcnessHirasaka HatsuneA spider youkai (jorougumo) who has lived for many hundreds of years. After being gravely wounded by a priest named Shirogane, Hatsune goes into
c2147.52018-05-10 at 14:47avithebloodedgeHirasaka HatsuneAdded Mamanyonyo
c2147.42018-03-05 at 18:32darkness-weaverHirasaka Hatsunetraits
c2147.32017-08-14 at 18:12shinnewHirasaka HatsuneImage.
c2147.22014-11-17 at 04:50[deleted]Hirasaka HatsuneFixed a few inaccuracies and polished the text. Also added alias.
c2147.12011-10-05 at 00:52luckyscampHirasaka Hatsunechar