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Hino Ryousuke

日野 涼介

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Hino Ryousuke日野 涼介
AliasesRyou, Loli-Bully, Shio-Wan
MeasurementsHeight: 178cm
Birthday7 October
HairBrown, Short, Spiky Bangs
EyesAmber, Hosome
BodyPale, Slim, Teen
ClothesNecktie, School Uniform, Suit, Swim Shorts
ItemsMobile Phone, School Backpack
PersonalityAssertive, Clumsy, Competitive, Curious, Hardworker, Honest, Kind, Optimist, Ore, Outgoing, Proactive, Romantic
RoleChildhood Friend, Classmate, Eleventh Grader, Friend, Kouhai, Living Alone, Mascot Character, Nameable, Part-time Worker, Popular, Same Year Student, Schoolmate, Senpai, Son, Student Council Member, Transfer Student
Engages inCompetition, Cooking, Cosplay, Drawing, Drinking, Moving, Photography, Planning, Singing, Swimming, Volleyball
Subject ofAssault, Massage
Visual novelsProtagonist - Hoshi Ori Yume Mirai
Protagonist - Hoshi Ori Yume Mirai - Rikka to Anata no 1-Shuunen Kinen, Icha Love Birthday


The protagonist. He has an outgoing and bright personality. On the other hand he has a strong sense of responsibility and will give his all to make things right. He's pretty good with his hands and can do lots of special work tasks effectively.
He has a dream of becoming an architect and is determined to make his dream come true, before transferring he was working part-time at relatives' architectural office and was doing a pretty good job. After his transfer he joined event management committee and seems to be having a lot of fun doing tasks for them.