Morishita Touko

森下 藤子

Morishita Touko
Morishita Touko森下 藤子 
Hair, Antenna, Braid, Brown, Long
Eyes, Red
Body, Pale, Young-adult
Personality, Friendly, Kind
Role, Wife
Visual novelsSide character - 3-days Marriage ~Hikarugenji no Koibito~
Voiced byUsami Momoka


Hobby: Cooking
Likes: Taking naps

Touko is the second wife of Sumeragi Shinji, and thus a stepmother to Kouichi. She is kind and friendly, sharing a special friendship with her “son.” Because of her husband’s career, Touko has yet to alter her family name, and the marriage has yet to be documented to avoid media attention.

[From Nargrakhan's review]