Hair, Ahoge, Green, Sidehair, Straight, Waist Length+
Eyes, Red, Tareme
Body, Pale, Slim, Teen
Clothes, Turtleneck Tank Top
Role, Deity, Dog, Pet, Tengu
Visual novelsMain character - Inukami! feat. Animation
Voiced byHorie Yui


Yoko is the titular heroine of the series. She has two main abilities. The first is jaen (邪炎, "evil flame"), where she shoots a coiling strand of fire out of her fingertips. There is also dai-jaen (大邪炎, "great evil flame"), which is just a larger, more powerful variation. The second ability is shukichi, an ability which allows her to teleport objects. Although she is generally fearless in the face of evil spirits, she is terrified of normal dogs. <hidden by spoiler settings>Later on in the series, it is revealed that Yoko is not an inukami at all, but rather a kitsune (which would explain her fear of dogs; foxes and dogs are natural enemies) and the daughter of the legendary Dai Yoko (Great Fox Spirit). During an escape from Hake, she met the child Keita, who was with her for three days and shared his chocolate cake with her, which became one of her favorite things. Due to this incident, she wanted to become Keita's inukami to make a contract with him and made sure this would happen by scaring away the other inukami candidates Keita in fact did have. The manga version of Yoko is very child-like, much more mischievous, and has been hinted to be a nine tailed kitsune.

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