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Hanazono Karin

花園 かりん

Hanazono Karin
Hanazono Karin花園 かりん 
Hair, Ahoge, Pink, Waist Length+
Eyes, Violet
Body, D Cup, Pale, Slim, Teen
Clothes, Hair Flower, Hairpin, Half-naked, Naked, Pajamas, School Uniform, Thigh-high Stockings
Items, Mobile Phone
Personality, Deredere, Kind, Watashi
Role, Childhood Friend, Classmate, Friend, High School Student, Schoolmate, School New Technologies Club Member
Engages in, Drinking, Filming, Photography
Subject of, Filming
Engages in (Sexual)
Subject of (Sexual)
Visual novelsMain character - Natsu no Osananajimi to, Fuyu no Kanojo
Voiced byOgura Yui


Karin is the childhood friend of Atsu, Jun, Yume, Yurari and Seiji.

She has always been very close to Seiji, her best friend, and she never cried so much as the day he left 10 years ago. When the Kanou family moved back to town, Karin is the verry first to visit them, disguised as a superhero like when she played with Seiji when they were young.

She has a rather Deredere character and despite the fact that she is grown up and has become very attractive, she keeps some old tomboy habits. Very friendly, she makes friends very easily and quickly. It is thanks to all her qualities and her common passion for cats that she was able to become friends with Mitsu, a very pretty German student who has recently joined the school.

She doesn't trust at all in her feminine charms and she quickly loses her feet when Seiji compliments her.

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