Edit history of Honoka

c22713.82015-12-26 at 15:50traumatizerHonoka+11
c22713.72015-06-21 at 04:35ominoireHonokaNoticed the spoiler in the description. Attempted to add spoiler coding. Can't remember if I did it right. Did it work out?
c22713.62015-06-21 at 04:34ominoireHonokaCould've sworn we had a "breaking the fourth wall" trait. Now whatever happened to that?
c22713.52015-03-10 at 19:49caio000HonokaAdd
c22713.42014-11-17 at 08:04plaisanterieHonokaAdded
c22713.32014-11-17 at 07:15plaisanterieHonokaAdded role + Visual Novel
c22713.22014-11-17 at 07:12plaisanterieHonokaNew role
c22713.12014-11-17 at 07:06plaisanterieHonokaMain character from Yanderera.