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c22768.482022-04-11 at 13:33molesterTobisawa MisakiI'm not sure where "betrayal" is coming from. She did quit FC in her and Mashiro route, but I don't think it counts as such, since she said it
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c22768.432021-03-29 at 03:40edgeskyTobisawa MisakiBased on her action and the way she talks, she always include ~nyan at the end of her sentence lot of times. and tbh this can represent all of her
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c22768.322019-10-20 at 15:39ordalion94Tobisawa MisakiThe visual novel not one time says us that Misaki is not Asuka and she is not honest.
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c22768.172016-12-11 at 22:28yumemi-kunTobisawa MisakiIt is revealed that EXTRA 2 is all Misaki's after story.
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