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Anastasia D. Faizland


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Anastasia D. Faizlandアナスタシア・D・ファイズランド
HairBlond, Sidehair, Straight, V Bangs, Waist Length+
BodyBig Breast Sizes, Pale, Pointed Ears, Young-adult
ClothesBlouse, Bow Tie, Bunny Dress, Choker, Court Shoes, Crotchless Fishnet Bodystocking, Cuffs, Gloves, Greave, High Heels, Kemonomimi Headband, Military Uniform, Necktie, Pantyhose, Peaked Cap
ItemsHandgun, Sword
PersonalityArrogant, Stubborn
RoleCommander, Elf
Engages inBunnygirl Cosplay
Visual novelsMain character - Ryoshuu Ichiba ~Wana ni Hamerareta Elf no Onna Shoukou~
Voiced byTezuka Ryouko


Proud head of the knightly elven family Faizland, leader of the Empire's chivalric order and supreme commander of the Imperial army.