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Togashi Mayumi

富樫 まゆみ

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Togashi Mayumi富樫 まゆみA
MeasurementsHeight: 158cm, Weight: 62kg, Bust-Waist-Hips: 95-64-91cm, H cup
Birthday16 January
HairBlond, Long, Ponytail
BodyAdult, Big Ass, Big Breasts, Freckles, Pale, Visible Nipples
ClothesApron, Fishnet Stockings, Jeans, Tank Top, Wedding Ring
RoleHousewife, Mother
Engages inInfidelity
Visual novelsMain character - Danchizuma ~Otoko to, Shimakuru, Onna-tachi~
Voiced byHimuro Yuri


Family: Husband, 1 child (a 3-month old baby boy)

A new mother who just had her child 3 months ago, Mayumi has a friendly, open, and positive personality.

Though they are on good terms, it has been a long time since she was intimate with her husband, and she’s beginning to feel frustrated with that fact.

She’s known our protagonist since they were both children, and sees him as something of a younger brother, for she knows nothing of his true character...

Our hero can use this to his advantage as he attempts to begin a secret affair with her.

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