Selphine Rughzenhaide


Selphine Rughzenhaide
Selphine Rughzenhaideセルフィーネ・ルゼンハイド 
AliasesPrincess Rughzenhaide, Selly
Hair, Blond, Curly, V Bangs, Waist Length+
Eyes, Blue, Tareme
Body, Average Height, Pale, Slim, Teen
Clothes, Belt, Cape, Dress, Evening Gloves, Headband, Pleated Skirt, Thigh-high Boots, Thigh-high Stockings
Personality, Altruistic, Cold-hearted, Food Lover, Friendly, Kind, Optimist, Proactive, Relaxed, Sleepyhead
Role, Daughter, Friend, Magician, Princess
Engages in, Investigation, Justifiable Homicide
Subject of, Grief, Shared Body
Visual novelsMain character - Fault - Silence the Pedant
Main character - Fault Milestone 2 Jou (Side: Above)
Main character - Fault Milestone One


Princess Selphine Rughzenhaide is the sole heiress to the Kingdom of Rughzenhaide after her father, King Vhalar. Her energetic and youthful demeanor would appear as that of any ordinary growing girl's, but as heiress to the throne, Selphine had inherited a manakravte ability exclusive to the Royal Family of Rughzenhaide, the Path-Down manakravte. The Path-Down bestows the experiences, memories, and wisdom of the old kings and the present, unto the designated successor to the throne of Rughzenhaide. Currently, Selphine lacks the means to access this treasure trove of life lessons.

Selphine views her childhood friend and Royal Guardian, Ritona Reighnvhasta, as a role model worthy of her admiration, and the older sister she never had. If Selphine's obsessive curiosity ever got the best of her, Ritona would always there to guide her back with a stern, yet affectionate lecture.