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c24791.102019-09-11 at 22:52cykablyatidiAlicia Emaruupdate trait
c24791.92019-09-09 at 23:24cykablyatidiAlicia Emaruupdate trait
c24791.82018-12-28 at 21:19redspyAlicia EmaruAdd trait and remove trait already covered by a child trait
c24791.72017-05-07 at 12:03skorpiondeathAlicia Emaru+2
c24791.62017-05-07 at 11:50skorpiondeathAlicia Emarutraits, picture without logo
c24791.52017-04-25 at 20:53supertaco512Alicia Emaruadded some sexual traits, and her roles
c24791.42016-05-11 at 20:37conduitAlicia Emaru---
c24791.32015-11-10 at 22:51britanniaAlicia Emaru------
c24791.22014-12-23 at 13:41reoArishia EmaruOriginal name
c24791.12014-12-07 at 17:11weilaiArishia Emarunew