Carl Clover


Carl Clover
Carl Cloverカルル゠クローバー AB
AliasesLittle Guy, Shorty, Violet Puppeteer
MeasurementsHeight: 144cm, Weight: 35kg
Birthday5 May
Hair, Ahoge, Blond, Short, Spiky Bangs
Eyes, Blue, One-eyed
Body, Kid, Pale, Short, Slim, Younger Appearance
Clothes, Bell, Boots, Cape, Cravat, Glasses, Gloves, Mask, Monocle, Oversized Clothing, School Uniform, Shirt, Shorts, Sports Shoes, Top Hat
Items, Book, Puppet
Personality, Boku, Cynic, Distrustful, Emotional, Holds Grudges, Kind, Opposite Gender Voiced, Pretending, Protective, Selfish, Siscon, Sly, Timid
Role, Bounty Hunter, Classmate, Comrade, Dropout, Full Brother, Son, Younger Brother
Engages in, Attempted Homicide, Dimensional Travel, Duel, Fighting, Infiltration, Investigation, Revenge, Unarmed Fighting
Subject of, Avoidable Death, Eye Removal, Fainting, Injury, Memory Alteration, Mind Control, Obsessive–Compulsive Disorder, Paranoia, Teasing, Time Loop
Visual novelsSide character - BlazBlue: Calamity Trigger
Side character - BlazBlue: Centralfiction
Side character - BlazBlue: Chrono Phantasma
Side character - BlazBlue: Continuum Shift
Voiced byMichelle Ruff (English (Uncredited))
Sawashiro Miyuki (Japanese)


Hobbies: Violin, chess
Values: Sister
Likes: Sister
Dislikes: Lies

Carl is a young vigilante who dropped out of the Military Academy, and a playable character ever since the first game. A talented young boy and first-class vigilante, Carl has brought many criminals to justice with the aid of his mysterious doll Deus Machina: Nirvana, which he believes to be his elder sister, Ada Clover. Carl heads to the 13th Hierarchical City of Kagutsuchi to retrieve the bounty for Ragna the Bloodedge. He is a former classmate of Noel, Jin, Makoto, and Tsubaki when they were in the Military Academy, but he dropped out. Carl wants to get revenge on his father Relius, for what he did to his older sister.

Carl has a very professional mindset, and dislikes being treated as a kid. He is always calm and collected, even when staring down a foe. During his days in Military Academy and when Ada was still a human, Carl would often talk about her and almost nothing else, to the point where everyone teased him about his close relationship with her.
This, however, is a side effect of Nirvana. Behind his mature facade, Carl hides an almost crippling dependency upon his sister Ada. He suffers greatly on the inside because he has practically lost his entire family to his father Relius' experiments. From the get-go, the incident with Relius caused him to believe that all adults were liars who would only use him for their own ends. With the help of Litchi, Carl learns that his beliefs are not entirely true, and he overcomes his sorrows. Carl now wants to grow up to be someone like Litchi and Bang – good people who help those in need. It is for this reason that Carl did not condemn Litchi for siding with Relius and NOL, and instead shows concern that she is in danger.

<hidden by spoiler settings>In Central Fiction, Carl is shown to become more and more like Relius without even Carl himself noticing the transformation, being willing to sacrifice anyone in order to attain his goals. He goes even as far as trying to kill Litchi because her soul seemed suitable for Nirvana's body, in order to get Ada back.