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Akiyama Tomo

秋山 朋

Akiyama Tomo秋山 朋B
AliasesLuna, ルナ
MeasurementsHeight: 186cm
HairBlack, Short
BodyMuscular, Olive, Tall (obsolete), Teen
PersonalityStubborn, Taciturn
RoleClassmate, High School Student, School Tennis Club Member
Engages inTennis
Visual novelsMain character - Kurayami no Hate de Kimi o Matsu
Voiced bySakaguchi Shuuhei


Kinpou Institute Senior High School 2nd Year.
Star Sign: Scorpio
A member of the tennis club along with his doubles partner Honami, a silent sportsman.
He's the hard working and serious type, but because he doesn't really understand jokes he doesn't have a lot of friends.
He doesn't really think deeply about things and always tries to solve problems with brute force.