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Matoba Hisashi

的場 久志

Matoba Hisashi的場 久志
Visual novelsMain character - Birdie ~Bokura no Ren'ai Shinrigaku~
Main character - Bokura no Ren'ai Shinrigaku Fan's Disc
Voiced byBifu Hitoshi


Matoba is the head manager of "Birdie." He first entered the industry ten years ago as a graphic designer, but came to be in management when his friend took over as current president of the agency and changed his position. Though he leads the management for the entire group, on an individual basis he is responsible over Kazuya.

When he isn't working, Matoba enjoys drinking, but he is not the top for noisy drinking; he likes a nice calming drink of alcohol. He will also smoke cigarettes on occassion, but doesn't inhale the smoke.

He gives an overall feeling as an "uncle" over the boys, making slight jokes and acting friendly towards them. He takes special concern in Kazuya, since he is responsible for him, calling him up to force him out of bed so he won't be late or taking the time to show an interest in his problems.

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