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c26282.272019-05-14 at 18:15traumatizerHades Izanami+1
c26282.262018-12-09 at 09:08traumatizerHades Izanamirefers to people with "sonata" and so on
c26282.252018-12-09 at 04:40gregoryHades Izanamidead eyes
c26282.242017-06-11 at 07:25traumatizerHades Izanami+1
c26282.232017-04-06 at 15:07traumatizerHades Izanami+3
c26282.222017-03-01 at 17:52traumatizerHades Izanamispoiler
c26282.212016-12-13 at 22:32traumatizerHades Izanami+1
c26282.202016-12-02 at 20:26traumatizerHades Izanami+1
c26282.192016-11-06 at 14:17traumatizerHades Izanami+3
c26282.182016-10-15 at 21:31syndromekad345Hades IzanamiThe true villain is Yuki Terumi.
c26282.172016-06-29 at 17:57traumatizerHades Izanamiappears so late in to the game i would consider this a minor spoiler
c26282.162016-05-03 at 14:30traumatizerHades Izanamidesc
c26282.152016-04-03 at 16:44traumatizerHades Izanami+1
c26282.142016-04-01 at 20:23traumatizerHades Izanamibasing this on cf's arcade
c26282.132016-03-21 at 08:50traumatizerHades Izanamirevealed in cp
c26282.122016-03-16 at 18:26traumatizerHades Izanami+1, toned down a spoiler
c26282.112016-03-14 at 15:53traumatizerHades Izanami+1
c26282.102016-03-13 at 14:58traumatizerHades Izanami+1
c26282.92016-02-26 at 22:38traumatizerHades Izanami+2
c26282.82016-02-25 at 22:02traumatizerHades Izanami+2
c26282.72016-02-21 at 18:45traumatizerHades Izanamiuses "yo" instead of watashi
c26282.62016-01-30 at 22:30traumatizerHades Izanamiupdate to her appearance in her battle form
c26282.52015-12-14 at 14:02traumatizerHades Izanamilinks in desc, +5 traits
c26282.42015-09-23 at 18:55traumatizerHades Izanami+4
c26282.32015-07-13 at 12:12traumatizerHades Izanami+2
c26282.22015-01-28 at 21:36traumatizerHades Izanamiadd
c26282.12015-01-28 at 21:33traumatizerHades IzanamiNew chara