Items, Naginata
Personality, Kind, Optimist
Visual novelsProtagonist - Ken ga Kimi
Protagonist - Ken ga Kimi: Momoyo Tsuzuri


A merchant’s daughter from Edo, Musashi Province. She runs a small restaurant with her father near the castle, but due to the cold weather and crop failures, their business is in a severe condition. Influenced by her deceased mother, she learned how to fight with a naginata—Buko-ryu Naginata-jutsu. Even though she’s a woman, she understands the samurai heart.

One day, a Tokugawa samurai gave her a very important request. It’s a request for Kayo to become a fake bride and attend a mass wedding all the way to Sunpu, in place of a princess. Apparently Kayo and the wife of the Castellan of Sunpu—Hisahime—look exactly alike.

If she refuses, they might not be able to continue running a restaurant. Kayo’s decision is…

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