MeasurementsHeight: 171cm
Eyes, Green
Items, Sword
Personality, Boku, Friendly, Honest, Ignorant, Jealous, Naive, Stubborn, Timid
Role, Healer, Samurai
Engages in, Swordsmanship
Visual novelsMain character - Ken ga Kimi
Main character - Ken ga Kimi: Momoyo Tsuzuri
Voiced byOosaka Ryouta


Age: 18
Birthplace: Musashi Province
Sword: Housenka
Style: Self-taught

A samurai with medical knowledge who grew up with a youkai. Right after he was born, he was thrown away to Takao Mountain as his parents couldn’t afford to feed more children. He was taken in by Karula—a tengu who lives in the mountain—who taught him both swordsmanship and medics. He came to Edo in order to find his dream. He’s honest, cheerful and innocent like a child, but due to his innocence, he won’t ever give up on fixing things he judged as wrong. Since he’s inexperienced and doesn’t know much about the world, he tends to cause quarrels with the government officials.

[from kokoronodamu]