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Celica A. Mercury


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Celica A. Mercuryセリカ゠アヤツキ゠マーキュリーA
AliasesAntenna Girl, Celica Ayatsuki Mercury
MeasurementsHeight: 160cm, Weight: 51kg
Birthday8 September
HairAntenna, Brown, Ponytail, Red, Short, Sidehair, V Bangs
BodyPale, Slim, Teen, Younger Appearance
ClothesBikini, Cape, Collar, Dress, Guimpe, Habit, High Heels, Miniskirt, Ribbon Tie, Shirt
ItemsBall, Puppet
PersonalityAirhead, Altruistic, Clumsy, Deredere, Family Oriented, Friendly, Idealist, Kind, Pacifist, Stubborn, Watashi
RoleAunt, Daughter, Full Sister, Half-orphan, Healer, Magician, Sister-in-law, Younger Sister
Engages inCooking, Dimensional Travel, Duel, Fighting, Flirting, Investigation, Shopping, Unarmed Fighting, Volleyball
Subject ofBridal Carry, Grief, Teasing
Visual novelsMain character - BlazBlue: Centralfiction
Main character - BlazBlue: Chrono Phantasma
Voiced byCarrie Savage (English (Uncredited))
Nomizu Iori
Nomizu Iori (Japanese)


Hobbies: Strolls
Likes: Sister, family
Dislikes: Nothing

Celica Ayatsuki Mercury is the younger sister of Nine, Jubei's sister-in-law and aunt of Kokonoe. She is a playable character in Chrono Phantasma Extend and Central Fiction. After the Dark War, she watched over the Black Beast's remains and built a church. She was also the previous owner of the Nox Nyctores, Deus Machina: Nirvana, but both she and Trinity sealed Nirvana at some point.

Celica was brought back by Kokonoe in Chrono Phantasma to activate Kushinada's Lynchpin. This particular Celica is not actually the original; she is, is in fact, a kind of time-displaced duplicate called a "Chronophantasma", that Kokonoe made by making a copy of Celica's soul from a point in time where she had entered the Boundary and placing it in a cloned body. Kokonoe also made a copy of Nirvana for Celica called Ex Machina: Minerva, which both protects her and acts as an amplifier for her powers.

Celica is a kind, generous, and sociable person who deeply loves her sister and friends. She is a sentimental individual who maintains a firm stance that all life is precious and will use her healing magic to assist those in need of it, regardless of who or what they are. She is also shown to be selfless to the point that she will shield a person with her own body without any hesitation and is willing to sacrifice herself, believing that her sacrifice will be a small price to pay for the chance to defeat the Black Beast and save the world.
It has also been noted by people that she has no sense of direction, which usually ends with her getting lost. She is also shown to be very stubborn, such as when she ignores her sister's warnings and heads to Japan by herself to search for her missing father and is also unwilling to admit that she has a poor sense of direction.

Celica has the rare ability to use healing Magic. She has been shown to heal most wounds, although she cannot use her magic to remove illnesses such as seithr poisoning. She has also exhibited the latent ability to suppress seithr, and it is for this reason that Celica is the key to Kushinada's Lynchpin, a device created to seal the seithr within the Gate, and thus disrupt the source of the Black Beast's power, although at the cost of her life. This also makes her the ultimate weakness of the Azure Grimoire as Ragna was unable to see through his right eye and move or use his Grimoire as long as he was near her.

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